My name is Ross Buckner, I'm a watercolour pencil portrait artist located in Berkshire, United Kingdom. I am completely self taught and always looking for that next challenge to push me further along in this adventure.


Art for me is a release, it's a method for me to spread my wings and rise above the generalist outlook of life. Having spent many years with my creativity tethered and constrained, it got to the point where I had to take a leap of faith in 2007, pick up some watercolour pencils, and unleash my pent up artistry. I have never looked back.

The aspects of drawing that I love the most are blending colours and capturing some personality and characterisation from the models. Getting those subtle aspects locked down so the portrait looks alive and ready to jump from the canvas, is one of the most exciting challenges I have come across to date.


Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire was set up in 1988 by the late Pat Eastop MBE as a non-profit organisation, run entirely by unpaid volunteers, to celebrate the diversity of visual arts available within the local community. They strive to create a dialogue between artists and the community by encouraging members of the public to visit artists’ studios.

Every artist who takes part in Open Studios has been required to gain accreditation to the scheme which is vital in maintaining the high standards of the creative work on view.

I am always looking to find like minded individuals who cherish creativity and exude artistry in whatever they do. As an artist who is newly embracing their talent, I wanted to surround myself with inspirational people. I applied on the off chance, not really expecting to be accepted but that was not the case and I am now one member of 120 strong. Open Studios allows me to broaden my artistic scope and promote myself in a myriad of ways.


Patreon is a subscription based platform that allows artists like me to better connect and communicate with their supporters by providing exclusivity to certain content. In basic terms, it's a way for you to show your support for small businesses and to help creative individuals reach their aspirations.

I am a self employed artist running my own business, Ross Buckner Art. I have been doing so since January 2018. It is hard for any starting business to make leeway in the world, especially for a niche career such as mine. After completing various commissions over many months, I came to the conclusion that it didn't provide a sustainable solution to help me grow. Patreon gives me more freedom to draw what I wish while connecting on a more intrinsic level with my followers.

Members of my Patreon gain exclusive access to various rewards such as blog articles, work in progress pictures, time lapses, store discounts and more.